Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cheating Chance by James Buchanan

Title: Cheating Chance
Author: James Buchanan
Series: Taking the Odds #1
Age Group:  Mature adults
Rating: 8
Couple: M/M

Synopsis: Nick meets Brandon at a goth convention and sparks fly.  After keeping in contact, Brandon heads out to stay a weekend with Nick so they can have a few more days together.  When someone is murdered at the club they were at, things may become too complicated for this little relationship to make it.  They will need to learn to trust that the other person will be there when everything is said and done.

Review: The story was really adorable.  Nick was a great character to get to know and Brandon was so mixed up on something that it made you want to hug him to make it better.  The couple's interaction with each other made for enough tension to keep the story interesting but there was very little doubt about how they felt about each other. For the most part, throughout the story Brandon is a little standoffish and seems to not have as much invested into this relationship with Nick.  But at the end, when Brandon needs to get Nick out of trouble, there is no amount of pleading or negotiating that is too much.  This type of character development is SO nice to see.  Even if some other things are a little over the top.  Nick driving a hearse and Brandon giving in so easily in the ropes scene.  Overall though, it makes for a nice getaway from every day life.  It was serious, funny, hot and heartwarming all at the same time.  Well done.

Cautions: There is graphic sex.  Quite a bit of it.  Don't read it if this is not your thing or if two men make you uncomfortable.

Series: The first in a series of three.  I have not read the others but I am anxious to.

HEA: There is more of a happy for now.  They are only able to have a long distance relationship and Brandon is still not out by the end of the book.  I am hoping this stuff is resolved in the continuing books.

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