Thursday, May 5, 2011

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

Title: City of Fallen Angels
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments (Book #4) 
Age Group: YA to Adults
Rating: 9
Couple: M/F

Synopsis: A couple months after Valentine was killed, Clary and Jace are trying to live their own version of a normal life when evil attempts to hunt down Simon.  Relationships are tested and what you thought could never happen... happens.
That's really all I could put into the synopsis.  Cassandra Clare did not post anything about the plot of the book before it was released because it was so much better as a shock.  So I started reading the book without really knowing where it was going to go. 

Review:  This was an AMAZING book.  Cassandra started writing the Mortal Instruments (TMI) as a trilogy.  After the conclusion book came out, she had ideas for a fourth- which would have been fine.  But then she went on a writer retreat and came home with ideas to fill THREE more books.  Now, while I waited for the first conclusion, now the happy endings I had before are nowhere to be found.  I guess this is a gift of a great author.  She was able to finish a series, decide to expand upon it, and make it happen without it seeming like it was strectching the story. I managed to fall in love with the characters all over again while meeting new characters and loving and hating them as much as the originals.  Not to mention the way she ties this in with her other series, the Infernal Devices, to make us want to read that one to make sure that we aren't missing anything.  I am now biting my nails in anticipation of book #5 which will not be out until NEXT May.  Dammit.

Cautions: Only the usual when you talk about a series.  Each one is tied together.  It really makes it difficult to understand everything if you have not read all of the books.  However, this being the beginning of a new expansion, it would be possible to read and understand it well without reading the others. However, you would be denying yourself the full potential to this book. 
Also, the main couple is m/f.  But there is a gay relationship in the series and someone else I am pretty sure is a lesbian.  Now, this does not bother me.  I think it makes it extremely realistic as far as the diversity of people.  However, some people are not thrilled and it is something to consider when looking at this book.

Series: Already went over this a little.  But I will refresh.  This is #4 in a planned trilogy.  Yes, she expanded it.  Bitch.  Lol. Here starts a new problem with a new antagonist and new obstacles to get over.  Watch out, it'll get sticky.

HEA: No.  There is no hea.  It is book #4 (for like the seventh time).  However, at this point I am doubting a hea for the last book. O well.  This is what I get.  I will wait two years to rejoice or cry.... I need to stop reading series.

Misc. Information: As as far as doing this just for the readers, you couldn't ask for a better author.  A huge online joke made its way to her a few months before the book was to be released and she added in the joke.  And not in a way that would have made a difference, or you had to be a follower (because it didn't stand out- it flowed perfectly to the book) to get it.  Also, at certain follower intervels on her twitter, she will write different excerpts for us to read and enjoy.  Example- at 30,000 followers she is writing a scene for us that is not directly related to the series.  Amazing.  If I were an author, I would like to be one like her.


  1. I didn't want to because the reviews all claimed that Cassie ruined the trilogy by continuing on so I didn't want my wonderful shadow world ruined; but I was out of books to read and I really did want to read this book. Let's just say I'm glad I picked it up. First off, yes Clary and Jace are being difficult again. Clary being like everyone heroine is a little whiny but what can you expect? People are saying how they didn't like it because Cassie was torturing their relationship more.

  2. I really understood where you came from. I didnt want that world ruined either. I was very happy at the end of CoG. However, I needed to know what happened to my characters. So I read it and, obviously, enjoyed it. I just finished reading #5 and I am pissed I gave in so fast. This one didnt end in a cliff hanger but something awful happens and the general consensus is 'O. Shit." I anxiously wait the conclusion where people die. She has already hinted at it and I can see it coming. There are too many happy people right now.