Monday, May 16, 2011

Eternity's Many Loves by Jayme Evans

Title:  Eternity's Many Loves
Author: Jayme Evans
Series: Eternity's Vampire Series
Age Group: Teen to Adult 
Page Count: 353
Rating: 7
Couple: M/F

Summary: Ethan has lived for eternity.  Or at least that what it seems like to him.  Throughout his time he has fallen in love with a few women.  All of them have broken his heart and he refuses to love again. He has resolved that he will find a way to cure his vampirism so he can live out his life the way it was intended to do.  Then he meets Kristen and everything changes.  She is able to slip past his defenses and make his feel again. 

Review: The story was really good.  There was great personalities with all of the secondary characters.  The plot was really fleshed out so you knew exactly what was happening without it giving anything away.  I admit, I was pleasantly surprised the way everything worked out at the end.  Once it got there I saw it coming (though it didn't take away from the story) but you didn't know about this through the whole book.  I liked that Ethan had emotional baggage that he had to get over in order to trust again.  This shows growth in a character which makes for a really great story.  Kristen didn't change all that much but the little progress she made was essential.  There was kind of a 2D bad guy which was a little bit of a let down.  I mean, I wanted more from the antagonist.  Even the small change at the end for his seemed forced.  I think that would be the biggest issue with this book.  Things seemed to be forced.  Ethan's love for her seemed forced.  Maybe more sudden than forced.  But he couldn't explain to himself why he felt the way he did, so he automatically related it to love. Then out of nowhere, when faced with a terrible decision, she doesn't want to see him go... so she loved him.  The dialogues between the characters in the book seemed a little awkward more than anything.  A lot of old phrases that didn't translate well to the story as well as words of passion which were more like words of cheesy.  Those were really the only things in the book that I could have asked to flow better.  Other than that a nice read.

HEA: There is a hea at the end.  Which we all know is what I look for in my romance books.  It worked out differently than I thought it would.  But it was still kinda... forced.

Cautions: There is blood play.  Not a lot.  But they do use him drinking her blood as a sexual act.  Not overtly though.  There is barely sex in the book.  However, something to be aware of.

Book aquired through Romancing the Book.

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