Sunday, May 15, 2011

Of Wishes and Myths by Staci Brush

Title: Of Wishes and Myths
Author: Staci Brush
Publisher: Brush Publishing
Page Count: 284
Source (where you got the book): Romancing the Book
Rating: 5
Couple: M/F

Summary/Blurb: A little girl has grown up listening to stories her father told her.  When one night, she realizes that maybe they weren't stories- they are memories.  A young man stumbles upon an older man in the woods and is told to bring the body home to his people.  Without knowing why, the young man complies with this request.  Meanwhile, sisters are learning how to live without each other and finding true love. 

Review: The book starts out with a ten year old's pov.  That's fine.  Sometimes it can enhance the story.  Not in this case.  I had to read the beginning a couple times in order to figure out how old the kid is.  She did not think and talk and write like a ten year old. She was a great character, but she wasn't ten years old.  I felt this took away from the story.  Then you meet the young man.  The telling of him running into the old guy was LONG.  I was about ready to give up before he found him.  Wandering around the forest makes for a great story when there is still something happening.  It makes it hard to stay enthralled when he is just wandering and hungry and thirsty for a couple day with no one but a dog to talk to.  Then you meet the sisters.  They were really mean to each other.  And the mood swings that were generated were... out there.  Then the dialogue between one sister and the love interest.  It was awkward.  It wasn't bad, just awkward.  And sudden.  I think that was the idea, but it almost seemed hurried.  One chapter the sister wondered if he even loved her, and in the next chapter she was talking marriage.  In fact, this was a problem through most of the book.  Things were hurried or they were really slow.  Not a lot in the middle.
However, the idea for the story was good.  Competing faerie courts that were alike with some key differences.  They way the alliance was made.  The human randomly being drawn in.  All that was good in theory.  It was the fleshing of the story that needed work.  I am sure with editing and expanding and cuts this can be a much better book.  But as it stands, it was lacking.

HEA: Yes, there is one.  Of course.  But it is a little strange.  The kid brings the happily ever after.  Without the kid, the girl might not have forgiven the guy.  It almost seems like they are together because of the kid.  And that's not right.  But maybe I have this totally wrong.

Book aquired through Romancing the Book.  Review originally posted through them. 

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