Monday, September 12, 2011

Time Pirate by Trinity Blake

Title: Time Pirate 
Author: Trinity Blake
Age Group: Mature Adults
Rating: 6
Couple: M/F

Synopsis: When a time traveling treasure hunter from the future crosses paths an infamous pirate from the past, sparks fly and passion ignites in this story of betrayal, redemption, and sexual awakening. After catching Rhaina in the act of stealing a priceless necklace, Captain Nate Graves keeps her captive in his cabin, demanding that she make restitution—with her body. Little does he know, Nate has been the object of Rhaina's erotic fantasies ever since she came across a copy of his portrait. While Rhaina wonders if she will survive his creative brand of punishment, Nate finds that the line between captor and captive is easily blurred, leaving him wondering who is really in control.

Review: I was really excited about this book. The concept was awesome. Time travel, a dangerous pirate and romance, what is not to love. This is what I got: A woman is a time traveler, so we get a little bit of background in that. Then we find out about her taking a job to time travel back to the Dark Phantom to steal a precious item. When she gets stuck there, she is caught by the captain and the adventure begins. He seduces her. She captivates him. They come to dry land where he lives and a huge misunderstanding occurs and she almost leaves him. They admit their love for each other and BAM! happily ever after. That's it. I think for the blurb and the potential for this book, it was really short. 98 pages is probably around average for an erotica (it's hard to make long stories with TONS of sex) but with all of the adventuring going on, everything felt rushed. But the dialogue sounded forced and took too much time to get through. Some of the actions in the book didn't make sense. She always seemed like a whiny little girl to me. But they spend almost no time trying to get to know each other. There's not even a passing of time that is skimmed over in the book. While it happens sometimes in romance novels that love is practically instantaneous... this seemed odd to me. Something I really do have to commend the author about is her descriptive qualities. I was always right there with what she was telling me and able to see what she wanted me to see. The bad guys were as gross as she wanted them to me as well as the hero being something I could imagine down to what his tattoo looked like. It was refreshing. I hate needing to fill in too much on my own. Some stuff is ok, but this author did a REALLY good job at just enough information.

Cautions: There was graphic sex in here.  Other than that it is a nice, fluffy read.  Lol.

HEA: Yes, there is a HEA.  Even if I think it is ridiculous.  I dunno.  I wasn't a fan of it.  It seemed a little TOO easy.  She didn't even THINK.  Although, maybe that had something to do with the love part... Perhaps. 

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