Monday, September 12, 2011

Perfect Score by Susan Roebuck

Title: Perfect Score
Author: Susan Roebuck
Age Group: Mature Teens to Adults
Rating: 7
Couple: M/M

Synopsis: Alex and Sam are opposites. Alex has money while Sam barely understands the concept. Alex meets Sam while trying to reconcile two sides of his life, his music and what his family wants for him. Once he meets Sam, all he can think about is spending more and more time with him. While getting to know Sam, you figure out Sam has not had the easiest life: abuse and homelessness are just part of the baggage that Sam carries. After meeting, they attempt to try and take a little time for themselves but things keep getting in the way.

Review: Through most of this book I was just chugging along. The type of writing style was stream of thought. Which definitely fit well for this book, but I had a hard time following sometimes. There was a weird little back plot of an uncle taking advantage of the small town and trying to get Sam to take the fall. It was weird. Now, with that being said- the ending was so worth it. When they finally got together and had their little heart to heart I turned to mush. It was heartbreaking too- you'll see why- but I was super excited about the ending. Then the epilogue came. While the epilogue was told by a completely different character that I did NOT like, it was nice to be on the outside, looking in. It was adorable. The things they had gone through to be together and the things they had to keep hidden (this was the sixties after all) they managed to make a life and to have hopes on improving that life. I may not have been a fan of the writing style, the back plot was nothing to note, and some of the characters made me want to scream, but the way the heartbreak and resolution was written was amazing. I am glad I read the book just for that.

Cautions: None really.  Though it deals with a homosexual relationship there is no sex int he book and very little contact.

HEA: Yes, there is.  It is not until the epilogue and you see how their life was together and how they are fixing it because they are tired of being something they are not. It is adorable and by far my favorite part of the book.

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