Monday, September 12, 2011

Waiting So Long by Kaenar Langford

Title: Waiting So Long
Author: Kaenar Langford
Age Groups: Mature Adults
Rating: 7.5
Couple: M/M

Synopsis: Growing up, Vayle’s best friend’s younger brother Daniel was a pain in the ass. When Daniel shows up on Vayle’s doorstep, expecting to stay with him for a few days, Vayle discovers the last twelve years have transformed Daniel from a gangly, awkward pain in the ass into a confident, smoking-hot stud.
Daniel’s only too happy to see Vayle again, but the prospect of being roommates with his first love has his stomach in knots…and his cock throbbing. This time around, Daniel’s determined to win Vayle over—even if it means getting down on his knees to beg properly.

Review: The book was cute. It starts out a little slow but the attraction is there immediately. You get a real sense of who the two characters are in this book. Yes, it is an erotica so there is A LOT of sex. TONS. At 111 pages, it borders on almost too much. But there is a difference with every scene that makes it really easy to not get bored with it. The characters are likable. I have no problem with them but they felt a little... flat.The younger one you know almost nothing about except that he is the younger brother and had a very serious infatuation with the other character at a young age. The older character has a little bit more depth with his ex that left him and he was just trying to stay busy while his broken heart healed. That was really sweet. I got it. I connected. But that didn't come until the last few pages. And all in about 5 pages. It was just a lot to take in with such a little amount of page numbers.
There was also no outside plot. This was an entirely character driven story and one that was well done. The main conflict is figuring out how this relationship will work. There was an epilogue. It showed that they were still together and were still very much in love. It was sweet. Not really an insight on how they were making it work, but with it being so touching that almost didn't matter.
In summation, it was cute. It made a tug at your heart strings. That's about it.

Cautions: Very graphic sex.  And a lot of it.  A ton.

HEA: Yea, I guess.  Things are still a little sad for them at the ending but they seem like they are getting through it.

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