Friday, January 28, 2011

Shadow Bound by Erin Kellison

Title: Shadow Bound
Author: Erin Kellison
Series: Shadow #1
Age Group: Mature Teens- Adults
Rating: 8.5
Couple: M/F

Synopsis: Talia has a unique gift.  Adam is in a unique situation.  Together they are able to face what it happening in the world with a little bit of help from Death. 
I am purposely being vague as I think the story will be a that much of a better read. 

Review: I first saw this story as a free Nook download in August of 2010.  It sounded interesting and it was free. Why not?
It wasn't until maybe a week ago that I was looking through my Nook and stumbled upon it again.  I started reading.  Unfortunately, I had to stop after the prologue but I was HOOKED. I was telling anyone that would listen to me about this book.  When I went back to it a couple days later, I threw a mini temper tantrum because I had to stop after a couple chapters.  Third times a charm.  I picked it up again and finished it.  I was a little disappointed that after an amazing opening there was a dry spell a little towards the end.  It didn't last long and it was probably only so noticeable because the beginning was THAT amazing.  But I stuck it out and was satisfied with how the book was wrapped up.

Cautions: There are references to sex, a few sexual scenes, references to rape, people dying in terrible ways.  Not for the faint of heart.

Series: After researching the crap out of this book after I finished it, I discovered a couple things. 
First: It is not available in paperback yet... Yea.  A little weird.
Second: The second book was available a month after this one was released.  Again... a little strange.
Third: The third one comes out later this year and I cannot wait.  It looks amazing. 
Expect a review of the second one entitled  Shadow Fall to be on my blog in the coming weeks.

HEA: For the characters.  Not for the world.  We are waiting on the hea for the world.  I am, as always, hopeful.

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